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My Story

My name is Buddy Kaech. I was born and raised in western Washington and graduated from Washington State University. My wife and I live in her hometown of Puyallup (actually South Hill) with our daughter. Outside of work and school our family keeps busy by volunteering at our local church and engaging in various outdoor activities. I spent several years working good professional jobs, but never really found my niche until being led to pursue a career in electrical work. I love working on and seeing different homes, I love helping people improve and restore their homes, and I love fixing problems. As soon as I started doing electrical work I knew I would continue to do this for the rest of my working life. I am currently certified as a Residential Specialist Master Electrician by the Dept. of L&I. That is to say, I have experience and knowledge of all types of residential electrical systems.

I have worked for several electrical contractors - some large, some small - and have done everything from rewiring old homes, custom kitchen remodels, custom new construction, to general service work. After working with a lot of good, experienced electricians and seeing the aftermath of poor-quality work, I decided to start my own electrical company. Working for myself, I am able to control the quality of work and the type of materials used. Too often I see poor-quality work in both new and old homes, and I hope to serve my customers to improve their home. At Buddy the Electrician, I am the only employee, so I am responsible for any mistakes made and I won't give my customers the runaround. I bid it, I schedule it, I do the work, and I bill it. It all comes back to me, so I am responsible for the work and customer experience. I pledge to help the customer make their home safer, more pleasant, and to do this in an efficient manner. God bless.

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