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Do you have an outlet not working? A breaker that keeps tripping? We can handle any issues or questions you have about your home's electrical system. Buddy the Electrician specializes in troubleshooting all home electrical systems from knob and tube to the most modern systems.


Because troubleshooting electrical issues can be so varied and complex we charge based on time and material for this work. The fee is $180 for the first hour of work and $120/Hr after that, plus any materials used. There is a minimum of 1Hr billed and then the customer is billed in 1/4 hour increments. Most electrical issues can be diagnosed and fixed in an hour or less, but it is hard to know when something more complicated is going on. In all cases if the problem is not isolated within an hour of work then the homeowner is consulted about the best route forward.

Electrical Work


We provide professional and clean installation of any new electrical device including light fixtures, appliances, dimmer switches, EV chargers, generator inlets, under cabinet lighting, and much more. Every house and situation is different, so we provide free estimates for all installation services with no pressure or commitment required.


Many Installations services, such as installing a car charger, are very similar from house to house so we often give estimates over the phone. Some are more complicated in which we will come to your home and give you a free bid for performing the work.

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Remodel Work

Need a panel change? Updating your kitchen? Want your knob and tube wiring removed? We can complete any scale of electrical work from adding a plug to rewiring an entire house. We are licensed and skilled in all levels of residential work and thrive on improving older homes to be safer and more user friendly.


Remodel work, panel changes, and the like are extremely variable from house to house. There are so many factors relating to the time and materials needed for the job that an on-site bid is the only way to effectively determine the cost of the work. We provide free bids for any work that you want performed.

Renovation Construction

Emergency Services

If you have lost power and it's not a service provider issue, or you have lost power to a critical portion of your home, call or text 253-720-2952 any hour of the day or night. We can give you advice over the phone and usually make it out within 24-hrs to troubleshoot the problem.


When a customer calls with an electrical emergency our first priority is resolving the issue over the phone. This sometimes solves the problem with a simple free phone call. But often an experienced licensed electrician is still needed to fix the issue. If we have to come out after hours, or give emergency priority to a call then we bill $275 for the first hour and $175/hr after that. In most cases these types of issues are solved quicker than most homeowners expect.

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